Blogging. Is Blogging Dead? Everyone has a goal, but does anyone actually write a blog anymore? If so, who is this wizard, and how do they do it?! Hello! I’m Cat

is blogging dead? hell no!

is blogging dead? hell no!

Is Blogging Dead? Hell no! And I’m showing you why!

Cat serious that you asked is blogging dead?

Blogging. Is Blogging Dead? Everyone has a goal, but does anyone actually write a blog anymore? If so, who is this wizard, and how do they do it?! Hello! I’m Cat, and I blog all the damn time! Blogging brings me a lot of positives, and it’s second nature now. And no, I’m not a type A perfectionist; I’m a hot mess individual who does not have everything together. So, if I can still blog, there’s plenty of hope for you!

Is Blogging Dead? Have you heard of work smarter?

I’m all about working smarter, not harder. When it clicked in my head, I could write a blog to answer the questions I get asked over and over. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking with my couples, but why not help them out of the gate? Give them an experience that makes them feel seen and taken care of! All while cutting back on the heavy lifting I have to do.

What happens when you educate your clients

The old way of keeping clients in the dark as much as possible is not ok. I prefer to educate my clients. Remember, they are overwhelmed and looking for someone to help them with what they don’t know. Educating your clients on your offerings, services, general flow, and advice in your field makes them feel like you care. It removes a lot of stress for them and builds trust. What happens when you trust someone? You’re more likely to purchase from them…again and again.

Is Blogging Dead? Do you Google?

Doesn’t everyone Google? Your salon, your ex, your new boyfriend, or your next dinner spot. We Google everything. Even if you find a business on IG, you’ll likely google them to see what they’re all about. What if you could show up not only for your business but for others? The different businesses you work with, places you work, or clients you work with. We are forever googling, so why not find a way to keep showing up where you’re relevant? The number one way to be seen as a small business outside of your business listing and direct website blogs. For most topics, you search, like ‘What type of veil is best?’ the results are blogs. The more you blog, the more people read, the higher your SEO rank goes and the more visible you become. In return, you can generate more sales.

Cat DeLine is a luxury wedding photographer in Virginia. Having moved her business three times in three years, she has masted an SEO Strategy that spices up your website and focuses on communicating with your ideal client.

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is blogging dead? hell no!


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