I’m giving you 3 was SEO Makes you that money, Honey!

3 ways seo makes you money

3 ways seo makes you money

I’m giving you 3 ways SEO Makes you Money, Honey!

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I’m giving you three ways SEO makes you Money, honey! There’s a great solution to the rat race in a world that loves to hate social media and keep up with the changing algorithms. Step away from it! Your website can bring in more sales to your small business without holding your breath to see if you get enough likes in the first few seconds. Or dancing your way into a viral video that only gets you farther from your target audience.

You want to get in front of your ideal clients so you can book dream clients. Well, why not sit down and have drinks with them? You can do that. I do it every week on my website, bringing in Money while I’m off living a life I enjoy!

#1 Way SEO Makes you Money:

Shelf life. Social media posts have three-day relevancy and active shelf life of 3 weeks. A quality blog post will bring your business money for years. Case in point: I wrote three blogs during COVID that helped couples get married. That blog still brings in $2,000-$4,000 in sales each month; I haven’t touched it in over two years.

Reach your Ideal Clients

Social media posts going viral for a topic not directly related to your business could hurt your social media relevance a lot. That viral post can put your business in front of a large group of people who will not purchase from you or interact with your account. When you create marketing material on your website that speaks directly to your ideal clients, they will see it. You have the opportunity to pinpoint what your clients are asking for and give them a resource that can help for years, establish you as an expert, and bring sales without you lifting another finger.

Cat DeLine SEO Makes you Money

#3 Way SEO Makes you Money:

You naturally upsell your services when you use an SEO strategy focusing on content that directly helps your target audience. You’ll establish yourself as an expert while giving quality content to your target audience. In return, your client will stay on your site longer, fall in love with your brand, and ultimately become a sale with fewer barriers. Since you have established yourself as an expert, you’ve built trust with your clients without having to lift an extra finger.

With the proper SEO Strategies, you could welcome more of your ideal clients to your website and give them a place to feel like you’re having cocktails & chatting! My SEO Savvy Mini Course will get you started with the 3 steps to increase your SEO!

Cat DeLine is a luxury wedding photographer in Virginia. Having moved her business three times in three years, she has masted an SEO Strategy that spices up your website and focuses on communicating with your ideal client.

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3 ways seo makes you money


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